Incredibly important thoughts for #T1 to ponder from Dr B.

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Started #Ww or #weightwatchers as it was.
Happier on it than I ever was with slimming world.
I eat very healthily. Hard to believe given my size, but it’s quantity not quality that is the issue.

We eat no processed food at home, no sugar. But I’ve been told that I likely damaged my metabolism doing 10000km in a year and it’s still being fixed…..

First run since June and my post marathon funk.
Am going to try and do a mile every now and again to lower the pressure of meeting a goal.
Not too bad a time especially given my few months off.

Huge thanks for @madjay29 @fattygettingfit2982 and @jodiejordan2009 for your inspirational posts that made me want to get off my arse and hit some goals like you ladies are ♡